My Story

My story is linked to the Nantes vineyard.

I am Amélie Couillaud, daughter of Bernard Couillaud famous
winemaker from Muscadet.

I spent my childhood walking through the rows of vines and exploring the

I chose to do language studies and then turn to Tourism


At 28, I decided to take over the family estate with my husband. This choice was a real life change embarking my whole family on a real adventure.

My commitment has been to develop the notoriety of our wines by traveling the world as an ambassador for Loire wines.

Through my meetings, I understood the luck of our vineyard with its temperate climate and its emblematic grape varieties.

In 2012, I wanted to highlight this know-how with wines discovered from the Loire vineyard. All these wines united under my signature “the Couillaud girl” incomparable. Minéralité, élégance et fraicheur reflètent l’identité de nos vins de Loire.


Since I began, I had the chance to meet many people in the wine business. 

This work was even rewarded with the National Prize for Women in Economics, in the business development category.

Today, I am proud of the work I achieved and above all I still have the full of desire to communicate my love of Loire wines. 

I’m lucky to have a beautiful family around me with the next generation which might follow…